Meeting of Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee postponed to Nov 9 : MAHUA MOITRA CASE

The meeting of the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee, where they were supposed to talk about the allegations against TMC MP Mahua Moitra, has been moved from November 7 to November 9. They didn’t give a reason for this change.

This meeting means that the committee, led by BJP MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar, has finished their investigation and will now suggest what to do. In their last discussion on November 2, the committee members, who come from different political parties, seemed to have different opinions.

Most of the committee members are from the BJP, and they might be critical of Mahua Moitra, especially after she accused Mr. Sonkar of asking inappropriate questions and left the meeting in anger, along with other opposition members.

It looks like the committee might recommend something against her in their report to Speaker Om Birla, even though some opposition members might not agree with it.

In the previous meeting on November 2, all five opposition members left, saying that Sonkar asked her personal and improper questions about her travels, hotel stays, and phone calls. Mahua Moitra later said she felt like she was being mistreated in that meeting.

The committee’s chairperson dismissed the claims of the opposition members, saying they were trying to protect her.

The committee might closely look at Mahua Moitra’s decision to leave the meeting because she wasn’t a committee member, and that could be part of their report.

A BJP MP, Nishikant Dubey, accused Moitra of asking questions in the Lok Sabha to go after the Adani Group because of bribes from businessman Darshan Hiranandani. He said Hiranandani used her login to submit questions from different places, mainly from Dubai.

Mahua Moitra admitted that he used her login, but she denied taking any money for it. She said many MPs share their login with others.

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