SBFC Finance IPO Results: Find Out If You Got Shares & Latest Price

The SBFC Finance company recently offered its shares for sale to the public. This means they wanted people to buy a piece of their company by giving them money. The shares were priced between Rs 54 and Rs 57 each. Many people were interested in buying these shares, and they offered to buy them 74 times more than the company had available. The sale took place from August 3rd to August 7th.

Now, the company is deciding who will get these shares. They will announce this decision on Thursday. Many people and organizations wanted to buy these shares, which is a good sign for the company.

If you applied to buy these shares, you can check if you got them or not. The company will decide based on certain rules. They divided the shares into groups, and different types of buyers could bid for these groups.

  • Big organizations could buy 203.61 times the shares available to them.
  • Regular people like you and me could buy 11.60 times the shares available for us.
  • Employees of the company could buy 6.21 times the shares available for them.

There’s something called “Grey Market Premium” (GMP), which is like a special price people are willing to pay for these shares before they officially go on sale. The GMP for SBFC Finance shares has been quite steady. Last time, people were willing to pay Rs 38-40 extra for each share. This hasn’t changed much recently. This suggests that when the shares start trading, they might be around 70% more valuable than what people paid during the IPO.

SBFC Finance started in 2008. They provide loans to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals who need money. They have branches in many places across India.

Many experts believe this is a good opportunity. They say it’s a good idea to buy these shares because the company has a strong presence across India, makes good profits, and manages its money well. But they also warn that the shares might be a bit expensive compared to how much the company might make in the future.

If you’re wondering whether you got the shares, you can check on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) website: Just enter your application number and your PAN card ID. It’s also possible to check on another website called Kfin Technologies Limited ( You need to provide some information like your application number or your Demat Account number.

If you didn’t get the shares, you might get your money back starting from August 11th. If you did get the shares, they will be put in your Demat account by August 14th. The shares are expected to start trading on August 16th.

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