Rs 50 Lakhs donated to Charity: Nikhil Kamath and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Nikhil Kamath from Zerodha, along with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, is doing another kind thing. They’re giving ₹50 lakh to help charities. They’re doing something special with their podcast called ‘WTF is’. They’re letting the people who listen to their podcast choose which charity should get the money. Nikhil Kamath talks to interesting people on his podcast. They talk about their lives and jobs.

For this good project, every time they make a new podcast episode, they’ll give a lot of money to a charity. Nikhil Kamath and the people on his podcast will work together to choose a charity. But the final decision will be made by the people who listen to the podcast. They’ll vote and pick the charity.

Right now, it’s really important to help others and be responsible for society. Nikhil Kamath is showing other business leaders how to be good and helpful. He’s starting something that other business leaders can do too. This will help make the world a better place.

Nikhil has been doing kind things for a while. He did something called YIPP (Your Investment, Partnering Philanthropy). He also gave a lot of money to the Bill Gates Foundation for India. This is a big deal because he’s the youngest Indian to give so much money to help people in India.

In a recent podcast about health, Nithin Kamath talked about how Zerodha became successful. He said that Nikhil Kamath is a really good trader. Because of Nikhil’s skills, Zerodha became a big and successful business. Nithin Kamath realized that Nikhil is better at trading, so he let Nikhil focus on that, while he took care of the broking business.

Nithin Kamath said, “I quickly realized that Nikhil is a better trader than I am because at that point in time, we were trading money and I was also doing this side hustle of the broking business. In 2008-09, I said if he is better at trading than me then why not he continue trading and maybe I can go to broking permanently,” during a recent episode of the ‘WTF is Health’ podcast.

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