Senior Able Citizens for Re Employment in Dignity (SACRED) Portal

Union government is preparing to launch a job portal called “Senior Able Citizens for Re Employment in Dignity” (SACRED) aimed at connecting job-seeking senior citizens above the age of 60 with potential employers. The need for this portal arises from the growing population of senior citizens in India who face challenges due to insufficient social security and the declining prevalence of joint family systems, resulting in neglect and lack of support for many elderly individuals.

According to the LASI report of 2020, more than 50% of senior citizens in India remain active and possess valuable experience, time, and energy that could be utilized by businesses in need of experienced and stable employees. To tap into this potential, the SACRED portal will be developed.

The primary goal of the SACRED portal is to ensure that senior citizens lead healthy, happy, empowered, dignified, and self-reliant lives. The portal will serve as an IT platform that brings together job-seeking senior citizens and employers. An agency will be selected through a transparent process to develop and maintain the portal, which will be facilitated by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

It’s important to note that the SACRED portal does not guarantee jobs, employment, or the sale of products from Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Instead, it acts as a platform for job seekers to register themselves with their education, experience, skills, and areas of interest. Similarly, job providers, whether individuals, firms, or organizations, can also register on the portal and specify the tasks they require senior citizens to fulfill.

To assist senior citizens in applying for jobs through the portal, voluntary organizations will step in. Importantly, no user charges will be imposed on senior citizens by these voluntary organizations.

By creating the SACRED portal, the government aims to foster a mutually beneficial environment where senior citizens can find suitable employment opportunities while employers can benefit from the experience and expertise of these older individuals. This initiative seeks to enhance the overall well-being and economic inclusion of senior citizens in India, promoting a society where they can lead fulfilling and respected lives.

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