why g20 summit is important for india?

As India is hosting G2O Summit 2023 as a President, it has the opportunity to shape global agenda and promote it’s various priorities. Prime Minister Modi has stated that India’s focus will be on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, improving digital infrastructure and access to technology, and strengthening the global trading system.

As India is the fastest growing economy, it can showcase it’s power and financial technology before the world and especially other countries partaking in G2O Summit’s International forum. G20 Summit is doubtlessly very important for India.

Whenever a country hosts any International event, it gathers the focus of the world which plays a significant role in notable display of its innovation and overall development. Government of India has implemented many economic reforms over the past few years to draw foreign investment, and promote entrepreneurship. Already international corporations invest in India to benefit from the country’s investment privileges such as tax breaks and lower salaries. This helps India develop technological reforms and create employment along other benefits. With the help of G20, India can attract more such involvement with foreign nations.

India can share its knowledge as well as make strong relations with other powerful nations on International Trade and financial technologies that only help in substantial growth. As a promoter of free trade, India can work with other G20 countries to promote open trading system that can be of welfare to all countries, particularly developing ones. 

By sharing its experiences India can emerge as a very responsible and growing Nation with solid experience among other G20 countries.

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